Hey, do you know the schedule for the autograph sessions at the fan fest? I can't find it anywhere... Thanks!

Check their twitter page, i found it there. Theres no specific time schedule

Jonathan Toews trying to be clever about the leafs

What did towes say about the Leafs?

He asked my sister why she’s not a leafs fan if she’s from toronto and added “well I know why (smirks) but I just wanna know”

*might upload the video


Joffrey Lupul getting ready to take the Warrior Get Quick Challenge.

Lol jonathan toews subtly insulted the leafs in my sister’s video when she met him

From what I remember the prizes are free tickets to the hockey hall of game, jerseys, and tickets to a preseason game. I'm going on Saturday and I'm upset Lupul isn't going that day 😪

yeah hes on sunday, but the saturday line-up is pretty good!!!

Yes, I won an early bird prize too!


Do you happen to remember what the prizes were? Were there any lame prizes? Also, what day are you going?

Omg im one of the early bird prize winnerrsssssss

omg my sister met jonathan toews and she had a full on conversation with him